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Visas & Passport
Citizens holding valid passports from the US, Canada and most European countries are permitted to stay in Costa Rica for 90 days without a visa.
Health & Medical Services
No vaccines or special precautions are required to visit Costa Rica. It has a well developed and highly regarded system of national healthcare and is well known for specialty services such as plastic and reconstructive surgery, ophthalmology and dentistry at extremely reasonable prices. In addition, there are also therapeutic treatment destinations with volcanic muds and other natural components that are of special interest to many international visitors.
The Costa Rican "Colon" is the national currency, however US dollars and other major currencies are accepted everywhere. Credit cards: Mastercard, American Express, Visa and Diners Club are accepted. Travellers cheques should always be in US Dollars.
Telephone, fax, Internet and digital communication services are widely available throughout the country.
Manuel Antonio, as all other municipalities in Costa Rica, is required by law to provide potable water.
Costa Rican cuisine offers a wide variety of safe, fresh quality ingredients. Fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables are available year round and a broad selection of indigenous dishes and international cuisine may be found throughout the country.
Time Zone
Costa Rica follows either US Mountain or Central Time depending on the season.
110/220 volts AC, 60Hz. 2-pin plugs are standard.