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Bathroom Stone Panel
Individual Villas and features are designed to reflect the character and quality of each location. Construction is by artisans from regions of the Pacific Rim and Central America. Specially commissioned craftsmen, drawing upon centuries of applied tradition and experience, will create the heart and principal structure of each residence in Bali to achieve an indispensable degree of quality in execution.
Fashioned by hand from such tropical hardwoods as merbau, teak, binkerai, coconut and ironwood, individual appointments and custom furnishings, combined with natural stone, reflect an understated warmth and elegance in every room.
Interior furnishings by Carlo Pessina, Warisan, Jim Thompson, Ketut Lunduh and Ferry Tendean provide sophisticated, yet informal comfort for all occasions.
All structures, components and furnishings are carefully packaged and shipped to Costa Rica for re-assembly and final finishing onsite.
Guided by the particular characteristics of each location, floor plans of individual villas feature variations of open living rooms, large shaded terraces, expansive master bedrooms with indoor and outdoor shower gardens, custom swimming pools and discrete private areas for the exclusive enjoyment of the property's natural surroundings.
By opening all rooms to the tropical setting, or if an air-conditioned environment is preferred, the choice of climate is as flexible as any situation requires. The result is an unmistakable sense of being an integral part of the natural surroundings, whether inside or outside of a villa.
Comfort without confinement sets the theme for living in the Villas of Cielo Santo.
Luxury residences of incomparable quality and design. Open, spacious living without intrusion.
Perfect simplicity, in a world where idyllic surroundings beg to be celebrated and respected. Timeless principles of elegant tropical design applied in the premier coastal location in Costa Rica. The Villas of Cielo Santo… a world of private luxury.
Heaven on Earth… Under a Sacred Sky.
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