Pools, Water Features and Special Furnishings

It is said the two most important elements in any structure are the floors and ceiling, which ground us to the earth while reminding us of the heavens above. Warm and inviting, accessible yet ethereal, solid yet not confining…. Proper interior design evokes an unmistakable sense of ease and comfort that is felt as well as seen. Water is also an essential element of tranquility in design. 

Thoughtful selection of building materials such as solid merbau wood or casual marble flooring, woven rattan fabrics, exposed ironwood shingles or tongue and groove wooden ceilings create elegance, uniqueness and enduring value.

Customized doors and windows bring life and artistic character to a villa, usually for less investment than required by conventional retail options.

Walkways, terraces, decking and pools create comfortable, inviting living areas that are works of art and integral features of a villa. Pools reflect inviting energy through depth and color, while adjacent terraces provide quiet, peaceful gathering places framed by nature. Transition areas invite passage, offering intrigue without restricting circulation.