Interior Design and Furnishings

The proper selection of materials and furnishings involves countless thoughtful details. Each living area has a particular purpose and character, so a sense of ease and comfort should be the sum and product of its individual parts. Inviting spaces capture one’s attention and imagination resulting in an immediate feeling of welcoming indulgence.

Designing furnishings, lighting and appointments is like making comfortable custom clothing, with color, design and purpose foremost objectives. Creating individual furnishings in Asia affords the opportunity to personally develop living areas that reflect one’s values and favorite features, a benefit not normally available through conventional retail western resources.

Solid tropical hardwoods, hand carved appointments of stone, individually crafted doors, specialized lighting, custom cabinetry as well as specialty flooring and ceiling treatments are woven into the fabric of finished designs….individualized and precisely suited to an owner’s lifestyle and preferences. Incomparable Interior Designs by Maria Agatha add detail, character and artistry, rendering the most ordinary furnishings extraordinary. 

Custom lighting brings life and character to every room and area. Lighting effects vary from direct to indirect, with materials ranging from artistic rattan to glass, metal and wood.